• Biodegradable Solutions

    We are committed to reducing the one use plastic impact of establishments by offering biodegradable solutions that minimize waste generation and avoid contaminating ecosystems. We work so that restaurants and other businesses adopt more responsible and respectful practices with the environment.

  • Customize with your brand

    We seek to satisfy the needs of our customers, providing them with quality and personalized products. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of establishments, offering innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions that contribute to their success and reputation.

  • Education and Awareness

    We strive to inform and educate both establishments and consumers about the benefits of adopting eco-friendly practices and the implications of current legislation. Through awareness, training and outreach campaigns, we seek to generate a positive impact in the community and promote the adoption of sustainable solutions.



  • So soft

    “I really love how soft the leather is. It feels and smells like quality.” – John S.

  • Wicked smart

    "The bag is great. The way it adapts is so clever. I can't live without it.” – Jane K.

  • Elegant

    “Premium quality, as always. I adore the elegant yet simplistic design.” – Anne L.